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Spiritually Gifted. Consciously Shifted.

Indigos have a mission on Earth to help to bring the planet into ascension. Indigos are natural healers and are attuned to energy. Some individuals who have Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD are also Indigo Children/Adults.

Indigos are people with an agenda–to change the world. They have an innate desire to create authentic change. The shift they want to make is very big, with the intention to teach the world LOVE, and Oneness. A difficult undertaking for any individual, but it will never occur to an Indigo that they can’t do it. Unless, they are forced to surrender their thoughts and ideas to that of someone else. Indigos are unique souls, and need assistance, but more importantly support to develop their gifts. Indigo Zen specializes in numerous methodologies that offers this guidance. Through the creation & implementation of an individualized plan, the Indigo will activate the process of healing, enlightenment, inspiration, and empowerment within themselves. Goodness and passion are at the forefront of their existence.

Spiritual counseling, various energy therapies, and specific sensory strategies, help these individuals “connect”. This is demonstrated through an increase in socially appropriate behaviors, such as; self-regulation, coping & social skills, and language development, in particular, functional communication. Once this connection is created, there is a decrease in rigidity, impulsivity, and isolation. The negativity is replaced with positive affirmations of love & light.

Indigo Zen was created for individuals who do not fit into societies standard structure. Help in shattering the image of Autism and support a universive that is connected with open-mindedness by embracing the similarities and bridging the differences amongst humanity.

“From a theological perspective, if our souls are on a path of perpetual learning in a journey toward attaining spiritual perfection, it may be congruent that those individuals with the greatest life challenges are among the most advanced souls.” –William Stillman

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