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5th Dimensional Travel

One way flight….Lets take the light- rail to changing hands. We can look in the spiritual books section and/or listen to some hipster bands. After that, cruise up to the Red Rocks. Hit up some trails- Cathedral or Teapot… Both really sweet spots. Each has vortexes that will lift the veil. And those views?! I promise, you, won’t fail. Becoming one with the hues of sand. Letting go, forgetting the priorities and all of “life” demands. Ya see, my humble warrior, I got BIG plans. Yo. Another reflection I’d love to puruse is the overall selection, followed by adding all those beautiful, rare crystals to my collection 🙂

Relax. Recharge and then rise up, again. Just like (the) Phoenix, Sedona has my heart, but its Scottsdale, in specific- Taliesin. Pause. Restart. Beyond the complexity of an indigos star chart. My mind is overfocused. My bad, fresh start. -FLW deserves way more credit. Even if you have already Reddit… Holy shift, the golden part is captured within all his art. Creative genius- incorporating elements of nature within his home. So connected to the universe…ohm. Every inch of space- a story to be told. Breathing in the pureness of an enchanted catacomb. 

Mountain air. Dry heat. Cactus. Stare. Into your eyes. The desert holds a love where powerful energy resides. My yoga is our union- an eternal marriage it never dies. I am your Goddess. Worship me like the moon does its skies. Meditative state- kissing each others third eyes. Remember you are my sun- that grows gods plant that keeps me high. The one and only prize… Travel with me to AZ. Downsize. Exercise and come alive, with me. -JT