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Reflecting on Love Magic

When love is reciprocated, it is magic & you get lost. Time, space & movement are no longer measured in units…energy exchange is unlimited. You become 1 instead of 2 hearts. The lightbody shifts into a higher frequency & your reality is morphed into existence.

Find inspiration in letting go & trusting your partner. It is not only the source of happiness, it is soul food. When you are able to love without question, the bond you create is unbreakable. It is then a soul can truly submit or dominate. Allowing for others power without losing your own control.

Everyone is worthy of this higher level connection, most believe it only happens in fairytales. After you experience real love, you will never want anything less. It’s elevated energy that when exchanged only grows exponentially…you will then lose count of whose right, which fight & the number if spanking delved out for the night.

Instead of fantasizing within others reality, know you are worthy of anything & everything you desire–just have faith, patience & the insight to follow your own intuition!